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Totally boring piece of crap. - 25%

ABHORRED, December 26th, 2003

Hey, remember the days when this band was good? My, that was a long time ago. After about a billion breakups and member changes, Broken Hope return with the most pathetic mundane piece of pseudo-technical redneck Death Metal crap imaginable.

First thing to catch my attention was the production. Pretty run of the mill stuff. Muddy and limp sounding. I think this matter alone defeated any chance Broken Hope had of creating the percussive bombast I think they were shooting for with this record. The snare sounds poppy, gay, and (This isn't really the producer's fault, but...) slow. The riffs are creative enough to amuse the average Six Feet Under fan for about 15 minutes. Mostly just meaningless chugga chugga garbage. I think at some points, they are attempting a more "technical" sound.... But the problem is, it's hard to take them serious musically due to the fact that they're still dumb drunken hicks. Except now, they're dumb drunken hicks that know a few scales and modes.

How do you guys justify going from Proto-Goregrind to this? I don't know if it's some sort of attempt to streamline and modernize their archaic sound, but in any case... It SUCKS

In closing, do NOT buy this album unless:
A) You're trying to expand your already impressive collection of 3 Nile CDs with something more "obscure".
B) You have dreadlocks and are named Chris Barnes.
C) You don't have a clue who "Oppressor" were.
D) You live in a trailer in Alabama
E) You have someone in your family whom you refer to as "Uncle Dad"
F) You drive a 1986 IROC Camaro

If you fit none of those descriptions, you probably have decent taste in Death Metal, so stay the fuck away from this hunk of processed third rate horse shit.