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Broken Collarbone - Demo 2018

Why do these bands keep popping up? - 5%

GreogianChant, April 12th, 2020
Written based on this version: 2018, Digital, Independent

Quarantine is upon us. Governments around the world are putting lockdowns into place which means many individuals like myself are being told to stay inside and follow a listen of rules. Don't touch anything you think might be contaminated, and keep a six foot distance between you and everyone. I think those same rules apply to this demo put out by Mortician wannabe's known as Broken Collarbone.

I've never listened to these guys and just wrote them off as another internet brutal death metal project put out by fans of overproduced slam and poorly written deathcore. Surely they have some sort of taste since they're basically ripping off Mortician immensely, but the two tracks produced by the lone member, at the time, Wyatt Malm just ooze with the worst kind of writing and production from these kinds of projects. There's nothing good about this demo apart from the fact that I can tell he's just doing this for shits and giggles. It's most likely not mean't to be taken seriously. However, bands that don't take themselves seriously should also have a quality catalog. Unfortunately that isn't the case.

The vocals on this are almost laughably bad. The lone guest feature from Copro Luke isn't great either and if anything makes "Slit Licker" (what kind of fucking song name is that), the worst part of the song. I genuinely couldn't finish it and I didn't want to because of how much pain it left me in. Surely Wyatt himself isn't all the bad of a vocalist, but his performances are lackluster and leave anything at all to be desired.

Boring gutturals and boring high screams unfortunately meet some otherwise subpar guitar playing. The riffs are about as cheap as they come and offer nothing interesting to the listening experience. It's the same sloppy brutal death riffs we've all heard before. Don't get me started on the bass because I can't hear it to begin with. If anything the loudest and most unbearable thing being "played" are the pringles can snare programmed drums. I'm sick of this trend where we need to make the snare as obnoxious as possible, and it's bad enough that the programming is absolutely atrocious.

Broken Collarbone left me wanting to break my own just to get off the planet. Like I said, stay six feet away from this as much as you can. You will be exposed to ear canal rupturing.