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Broderick Gray - Metal Machine

Good Progressive Neo-Classical Metal - 87%

Erdrickgr, July 24th, 2009

Mythic force is a one man instrumental project put together by Broderick Gray. Actually my CD inserts say "Broderick Gray" where the name of the band would normally be on the front and the side, and it's from 2008, so that might be what he is going by these days. In any case, what we have here is some pretty damn good metal.

The album beings with "The Tree of Life," a beautiful neo-classical acoustic piece that establishes a nice vibe for the remainder of the album. The use of an acoustic song as the introduction shouldn't give people the wrong idea, though: this is definitely a solid metal record, with an emphasis on metal. The acoustic parts on this album are generally kept to seperate songs, which are fairly short in duration. The actual metal songs, on the other hand, are much more numerous, and are generally of standard length (3-5 minutes).

The trick with instrumental records of course is that you can't use as much repetition as you would if you were using vocals, as the songs would become boring fairly quickly. In that respect, Gray does a very good job at keeping the songs interesting, and I can't recall being bored once as I've listened to this album. The acoustic and electric guitar work is technically proficient throughout the album, which certainly helps.

The album is definitely guitar driven, and has a nice collection of riffs on it. Some of the guitar work reminds me of a more progressive version of "Peace Sells" era Megadeth, with a neo-classical tinge to it. That's not to say that Gray made a thrash record, only that some of the riffs remind me of some of the early Megadeth material.

I have to admit that some of the riffs do begin to sound similar by the end of the album, so that you get that "haven't I heard a riff similar to that already?" feeling. It would have been nice had Gray cut one or two songs for the sake of keeping things from becoming a bit redundant, and included different songs in their place. But it's a minor issue, and you don't really get the feeling that Gray is recycling riffs, only that he wrote some riffs a bit too similar to each other.

The only other issue that I can think of for this album is that the song Viper is a largely unnecessary and uninteresting guitar solo. It's a lackluster way to end a very good metal album.