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Thunder in the metal scene - 69%

Kalelfromkrypton, November 10th, 2009

Bride’s first release for all its value is still a naive album. That does not take away the fun of it because debut albums are always an area for improvement (Stryper Yellow & Black Attack) or an absolute killer release (Testament ‘The Legacy’ for instance).

‘Evil that men do’ (not the Iron Maiden’s of course) opens the album is the light distortion takes away the power this song could have had. Nevertheless, if there is something worthy of mention, which is by the way the strong front of the band, was Dale Thompson’s powerful vocals. He sings very similar to Ronnie James Dio and that is no mystery since he is a big fan or Mr. Dio. Dale’s voice has an even wider range and far more powerful and high pitched, not that raspy as Dio’s which makes Dale quite awesome to listen to. His screams are par to Michael Sweet’s from Stryper, not a mystery either and that is why Dale Thompson replaced Michael at some point when Michael left the band. Anyhow, reminiscence of Bruce Dickinson can be heard as well.

Musically speaking, this album is pure 80’s fun. Despite the production problems and some other flaws it has a lot of party rock anthems (Forever in darkness) very Poison alike. It also contains some pieces ala Iron Maiden (Fly away & I will be with you). There are some attempts of ballads, and while not very good, at least they are not sappy as the 80’s regular power ballads (Now He is gone). ‘Thunder in the city’ begins with a piano which is very similar to Bon Jovi’s Runaway. The song is again mid tempo and the vocal lines are very cool. However, due to poor production and naiveness sometimes the vocals are too high pitched and disharmonic. Dale would later learn to control the power of his voice magnificent on subsequent albums but not here.

The guitar solos are another highlight since Troy’s guitar wizardry is also worth to mention. He excels at putting ripping guitar solos but very melodic as well. The drums are fitting the music but they of course are nothing relevant and the bass is almost non-existent.

Being this is the debut is an album that can be heard but the lack of proper sound will definitely annoy you, and the lack of powerful anthem songs (later developed) is definitely a step back so don’t expect an awesome album with killer chops. Instead, go for ‘Live to die’ which is far better.