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Dropped the ball! - 54%

Kalelfromkrypton, March 31st, 2008

Let’s remember with a lot of sadness and disgrace how the 90’s brought the music to nothing but shit and the downfall of good heavy metal to nothing but unflavored, stupid and nonsense-without-any-skills grunge and alternative rock by some idiots (**cough**Kobain**Jonathan Davis**cough).

Sadly most of the good hard rock and heavy metal bands had no choice but to go along with this bullshit wave and Bride failed to follow up the brilliant Snakes in the Playground with this ‘Dropped-the-ball’ album which is nothing but boring as hell.

Since we now left the disgusting musical phenomena behind let’s go on: the vocals are in good shape although the music does not help to show off Dale’s excellent skills. Musically this record can be described as alternative rock with grunge elements. The cover simply sucks and because you can clearly see the dropped the ball again because if I interpret ate this I could say: heavy metal=the steel drop, is falling down to calm waters, meaning to soft uninspired non-skill boring music. Too radical? Perhaps, but this is what this albums shows to me.

The lyrics are even worst, nothing remarkable and goodbye to the cool romantic dark lyrics ala Dio. We now get simplistic 90’s alike lyrics with commercial appeal that left nothing thinking on me. ‘Jesus came back via Jesus in a pawnshop’’. Is that a song title? Give me a break! Thus, I will not spend any more time of these nonsense lyrics that are for kids who have no brains reading lyrics as it happened with the 90s.

I will not describe song by song either because I’d get bored before I finish so here are the most important points, I think, to give you an idea what this silly recording is: If you like Candlebox, 4-non Blondies, The Offspring, Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots and those ‘’so-called’’ rock bands then get this one, oh yeah, that is what this album sounds like. The drums patterns and rhythms are all the same throughout, nothing exciting but enough to go along with the music with usage of the cymbals and high-hat most of all. We get a new bass player and new bass spiced music where the guitar plays more of a background integral part of the music and the bass comes forth due to the 90’s pessimism on music. So you will get a lot of Alice in Chains bass sound around here. Back away is the killer riffing and slashing solos from previous releases. Hell yeah, goodbye to the guitar excruciating performance. Happy vocals like in ‘Have you Made it?’ and normal vocals like in ‘Personal Saviour’. Nothing to be proud of, more high tones in ‘I’m the Devil’, ultra boring vocals in ‘Jesus came back..’

Is there anything else I can say to describe the pull back Bride got with this recording? I think not but to put it in simple words: If you love WASP, Iron Maiden, Stryper, Barren Cross, Dio, Black Sabbath, etc etc etc don’t ever bother to get a copy of this cd. If you are into Alice in Chains, Blind Melon, Crash Test Dummies and those irritating bands then go and get it.