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Some solid kind of folk metal … - 55%

oneyoudontknow, January 21st, 2012

While browsing a bit through the bands at the Metal Archives, I stumbled over the Slovenian one Brezno. I also hope to get some music from Albania soon, but when this will happen is impossible to tell; when I recall it correctly, the band is still busy recording the stuff. Anyway, Viharnik would be the first and so far only release by this band and it takes the listener into the realm of folk … at times.

Metal, a bit. Heavy, in limits. Folk rhythms were woven into the concept and these are supported by the guitars. Judging from this aspects alone, one might suspect that the band took a rather conservative approach, but the vocals take the whole approach into a different direction. There is something ethereal – Žanjica – to them at times, something that reminds on the music spread by the French label Prikosnovénie. The whole concept seems rather to be folk metal than metal with folk influences. The aforementioned track has a considerable amount of flutes, accordion and acoustic guitars, while the opener 'Zarja' has all too common – not to say cliché-loaded – samples of some sort of battle, it is actually nothing more than a mixture between ambient with some spare folk elements. 'Glasnik' and 'V nebo' would have metal aspects on such a level that they are worth being mentioning. There are even some short solos.

Everything is nice, polished, peaceful and flows in a neat way. Nothing annoying, nothing disturbing but also nothing too memorable. A solid performance but nothing else. Take a folk band from an East-European country, add some metal to it … and there you go. Listenable, but by no means impressive.

Based on a review originally written for ‘A dead spot of light (Number 16)’: