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Something from the past... - 85%

Elrond1982, December 23rd, 2015
Written based on this version: 2015, CD, Stormspell Records (Dark Lore Series)

If I need to choose one band that could be labeled as a reflection of early works from Blind Guardian that would be Breitenhold. Ced (Cederic Forsberg), who is responsible for various projects and bands around (Cloven Altar, Rocka Rollas, Blazon Stone), has one more time delivered a record that has perfectly touched the original atmosphere from 80s or 90s. This time we are speaking about so to say cult Blind Guardian's albums as ''Battalions of Fear'' or ''Follow the Blind''. His second full-length with Breitenhold sounds, more or less, very similar as just aforementioned records. Also, we need to add that Breitenhold is a sort of solo-project of Ced since he is the only member of the band (he has done here everything including playing of drums and singing).

''The Inn of Sorrowing Souls'' stands as a sort of little masterpiece when it comes to power or melodic, speed metal. Just like the first issues from Blind Guardian Ced's second album with Breitenhold is based more on speed metal melodies, but, here and there, music becomes more melodic and slower. So, we could say that Breitenhold's second album stands somewhere between speed and power metal with obvious melodic touch. This record really reflects the first four Blind Guardian issues, including the visual, lyrical and, of course, musical aspect. It's a sort of journey though early Blind Guardian's history.

If I need to choose some favorite songs it will be surly the opening track ''The Inn of Sorrowing Souls,'' which perfectly represents the entire story of Breitenhold, but also there are some other songs that are worthy of mentioning. For example ''Something of the Past'' has great catchy riffing and haunted melodies. ''Hall of Steel'' is also one of those songs that could represent Breitenhold in the best light. Ced has actually done what Blind Guardian is doing for all these years since their very beginning. He focused the composing on catchy choir-like refrains and between he is just delivering the speed metal riffing done in the best way.

I will dare to say that Breitenhold is better than his other bands especially comparing to Rocka Rollas. I really don't know why but his solo-project sounds more relaxed, so to say. At the end of the day it will be indeed welcome if he could give in the future more originality to his songs, project or bands. Obviously he is great musician, very talented individual, but he needs to improve and develop his own style.