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Brat - Social Grace

Social Grace - 35%

Grumpy Cat, June 9th, 2024

Brat's live performance, I have gathered after scrolling a few comment sections of people recording their live shows, is an experience that is typically referred to as being a "fun" band, and it's not too hard to see why, the band kicks off half their songs by sampling famous girlypop cuts from the likes of Brittney Spears or Aqua and it is obviously a bit of novel sensation to watch a blonde girl shimmying to "because every time we touch I get this feeling" before ripping into a deep growl over some grindcore guitars.

What you would not see people do very often is actually refer to the music as good, because that would be a lie. What's provided here is a weird amalgamation of hardcore breakdowns, midpaced thrash riffs, beat down style hardcore riffs, occasional pinch harmonics and blast beats just kinda all put in a bowl and then tossed around to make a very odd mosh salad. It's got this chronic problem where it's really short and most of the tracks are fairly short, but it simultaneously just feels like it drags, Slow Heat particularly spends it's first 20 seconds doing this call and response between the guitar and the drums and then still takes 10 seconds to fade out on a single note, which is only a total of 30 seconds, but it's also only a 2 minutes and 20 seconds long. A couple of the songs also just straight up end with like 5 to 10 seconds of silence, which again, even added up isn't a particularly long time, but still an odd amount of time to have dead air on an album that's only 21 minutes long. The biggest offender for feeling like it's wasting time though is the title track which spends 20 seconds fading out on a very basic drum beats. You pair that with a number of uncomfortably long buildups, particularly Ego Death, a track that is a 1 minute and 20 seconds long but decides to spend about 25% of its run length to buildup a beatdown riff, as if the band wants you to listen to everything, including literal silence, except the actual moshy guitar work you came for. Nobody needs to put up with all of that just to listen to some half baked beatdown and thrash breaks played with a thin chunky guitar tone.