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Brainwasher > Vicious Circles > 2022, CD, Grind to Death Records (Limited edition) > Reviews > Vaseline1980
Brainwasher - Vicious Circles

Bullshit Trebuchet - 80%

Vaseline1980, September 18th, 2023
Written based on this version: 2022, CD, Grind to Death Records (Limited edition)

Grind your mind, indeed. This is a grindcore grenade for sure, and someone has pulled the pin out of it, so any way you turn this, it's gonna hurt.

Brainwasher deal in a style of grindcore that brings nothing new to the party, but balances out that fact by delivering their stuff with remorseless precision and hulking doses of savage aggression. Raging blast beats, fast guitar insanity plowing forward, and a furious bark spewing forth the message, it's all you want from an old school grind/crust release. Holding the middle ground between acts such as Rotten Sound and early Terrorizer, you just know that this is going to land a brutal punch in the abdomen. Providing a sweet balance between break-neck velocity and more stomping sections, this stuff rages forth, pulsing with righteous anger and discontent. In the parts that loosen the accelerator a bit, a more crustcore feel enters the sound of Brainwasher, betraying the influence of bands such as Doom, Wolfpack (SWE), Visions of War and Disfear, adding a welcome touch of variety to the shattering violence contained within this aural assault. The production keeps it all brutal and heavy, although I will state that a bit more body to both guitar and bass would have been even better, but that's simply a detail here, because this is powerful stuff no matter what.

This is a great release for the old school grindcore afficionado out there. It combines aggression, precision and a disconcerting message, packaged in an aural hammering completely devoid of frills. Sounding both old school and contemporary at the same time, this is one you're gonna want to hear, without doubt.