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Tight, Powerful Eurometal - 85%

brocashelm, December 31st, 2008

This is one of those European metal artifacts that has slipped under the radar, a record once regarded as a classic that has fallen deep under the waves of history. The reasons why are two. Firstly, Mausoleum records released it, a label not well regarded at the time and poorly distributed in the US. Secondly the band were propped up as speed metal titans at the of it’s release which was a far from correct assessment of their style and sound. What we have here is a very solid German band consecrated with a very heavy and compressed sound, who performed tight and snappy songs full of both raging guitars and tight rythyms. The next Bathory, they were not. So much the better, really, because as “Into The Sky” lashes out, the band’s imposing sound and smart writing shapes into a damn impressive power metal form. After it’s goofy intro, “Hangman” also gets down to serious tactics, and for only featuring one guitarist in the band, it’s remarkable how heavy this album manages to sound. There really isn’t a weak place in sight here, and the band’s theme tune “Brainfever” is easily a major highlight with it’s cool guitar solo and gnashing guitar work. Singer Horst Neumann does a job that is both strong and understated, fitting perfectly into the raging but wise approach the band take. A relic of Eurometal, sure, but a very good one all the same.