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I'm trying to like this band, but... - 40%

BlackMetal213, April 24th, 2016

I just can't. Brain Drill plays a style of brutal death metal that mixes in a lot of technicality in their guitar work. Basically, what we have here are 6 songs totaling 19 minutes of messy, inconsistent death metal that really just does not work. There are some cool riffs and the music is heavy but that does not save this EP, "The Parasites", from pretty much just being, well, butt.

"Consumed by the Dead" gets the party started and shows you what you're going to be hearing for this 19-minute affair. It's actually one of the strongest tracks on the album and contains some cool riffs but still, this song is broken up inconveniently by a lot of these wanky sweeps. These sweeps are definitely technical. Hell, I can't play them, although I'm still an amateur guitar player myself. These sweeps are all over the place and sound similar to solos but really, I would not classify them as such. There are a few solos to be heard, however, aside from maybe one or two, they really have nothing going for them. They're really just there to make the music sound more technical. In doing so, however, it really messes up the flow. This is not even as inconsistent as the albums that would follow and that really says something about how I feel towards their music. In fact, this EP is probably the best thing this band has yet to record, and that scares me. The title track has some groove to it, and "Swine Slaughter" sounds somewhat okay until the wankery comes in, although the solo in this song is a welcomed addition. Unfortunately, a few cool riffs will not save this EP for me.

The drums are probably the most enjoyable aspect of this album. They are fast, pummeling, and full of death metal blasts and double bass. This is nothing new or innovative but at the same time, when it comes to drum work, you really can't expect everything to sound too original. The same can be said for the vocals. This guy is competent and manages to stay in the death metal comfort zone without deviating at all. This is neither positive nor negative, rather, it's just expected.

I'm really confused here. I want so bad to like Brain Drill because they obviously have a bit of talent. However, they are not utilizing it correctly and it hurts the music more than anything. I like technical death metal when done right, with bands such as Decapitated, Obscura, The Faceless, and Atheist. Brain Drill just doesn't hold a candle to those bands especially in the lackluster and painfully inconsistent songwriting. I'm sorry, guys. I don't dig this one.

Awesome slab of death metal! - 95%

MorbidAtheist666, February 28th, 2012

This is ultra extreme. This is a great slab of brutal, fast-paced and insane death metal. I would have given this a 100%, but there's no bass! If there was bass, I would have given it a 100%. 95% will do! I love this a lot. I remember a friend from a few years back recommended me Brain Drill. I love them a lot! One of my favorite death metal bands. I love over 100 of them and I would easily place them in my top 50 death metal bands.

This really fucking slays. I was impressed when I first listened to this EP and I'm still impressed. I find the guitar work to be really killer. The guitar sounds really amazing Oh and the drums are the highlight. Listen to those drums. I sometimes wonder if that is a person mimicking a drum machine or he wants to outdo the drum machine. Well Marco Pitruzzella really does outdo any drum machine any day. It's really incredible that he is gifted fast drummer.

Consumed by the Dead has a clip from the remake of some horror movie that I can't think of. I'm sure you will know when you listen to it. The actual song starts at around the 0:06 with really whacky sounding guitar noodling Dylan Ruskin, ultra fast drumming and a great growl are also in the beginning. The guitar sounds a bit fast with the ultra fast wild drumming. The riff is a bit mid-paced. The guitar goes wild with the drums throughout the whole song. I really love the guitar soloing with the drumming throughout the song. The guitar riffs are performed at super sonic speeds. The pinch harmonics are put to very good use and they're placed well in the song.

The vocals are over the top with growling and screaming. You can't handle the screaming? Too bad! You'll have to good used to the screams if you want to appreciate Brain Drill, sugar cube. Steve Rathjen is a very great screamer. He does an excellent job handling vocals on this song.

The Parasites sounds really damn good with some great guitar riffs and pretty damn cool guitar soloing. The drums are very consitent and there are extremely awesomely executed blast beats. The vocals are top-notch with the same over the top growling and screaming found on the first song. Listen to the melodies and rhythm of the guitar in this song, it sounds like parasites are coming after you. I love it when bands know how to make their instruments speak. They are really gifted musicians.

Swine Slaughter is very similar to the first couple of songs. It is quite heavy and fast. When the vocalist screams "swine slaughter", all hell breaks loose. The guitar solo is extremely beautiful, heavy and brutal. Marco really puts those cymbals to great use. He bangs and crashes them with such ease. However, it takes a lot of skill and practice to be on Marco's level.

Forcefed Human Shit is the shortest song on here. It is pretty damn impressive with the ultra super sonic drumming and unbelievable guitar soloing and riffing. The blast beats and gravity blasts are just out of this world. I am so friggin' impressed by them. I love it! This is probably my favorite song on the EP.

The Depths of Darkness is the longest song on here. It starts off with a mega brutal riff. Of course, Dylan Ruskin has his trademark guitar soloing. I've been calling it soloing, but I guess they're considered leads. Steve Rathjen's vocals really shine on here and he sounds super enthusiastic, energetic and powerful. Marco's drumming seems more varied on this song. It just isn't pure speed, I changes the pace throughout the song. His performance on this song is really damn good.

Revelation begins with super fast guitar riffing and it is really creative sounding. This song has a lot of variation from Marco, just like in The Depths of Darkness. The pinch harmonics are placed extremely well whenever they appear. I like how some of those super fast leads are present starting around the 2:30 mark. The double kick really impresses me the most on this track.

Beautiful EP! I suggest y'all to get this EP as soon as possible. If you are a death metal maniac like me, you will love this. However, the old school death metal maniacs will not like this. I am into both modern and old school death metal. I'm a modern kind of a guy and I'm really into modern death metal to be brutally honest. This is the best EP of 2006. I have a lot of great memories with this album and it brings me back to a time when I was super happy. Death metal makes me happy. Why? I do not know why and I never will. Yay! Go Brain Drill!

Only a debut? I wouldn't have thought so! - 93%

DreamScapeArson, November 28th, 2006

An excellent doubt about that. Why is it so? It is a record that contains the blistering, frantic pace of grindcore while frequent tempo changes are among the never ceasing technical elements of technical death metal. The vocals range from gutteral lows to the piercing screams of a banshee, as heard in "Swine Slaughter". While Dylan's guitar work runs and taps away through countless patterns, the bass is preforming amazing runs and technical sections. What could a metal act be without a brutal drummer? Nothing, and that is why Marco was an easy fit into the band. His unrelenting speed never lets your ears catch a nap. Why is this a ride you should climb aboard? Come and see...

The lyrics aren't the strongest I've read, but pack a simplistic punch. Ranging from cars ruining the earth in "The Parasites" to the killing of cops as they're described to be useless, power wielding goons in "Swine Slaughter". Perhaps you have wondered why a band would write about force-feeding someone human shit? It isn't so. Again, it is a simple yet effective lyric which is directed towards the media dishing out eternal plates of lies to the public. Are you waiting for your fix of blood and gore? Have no fear, "Consumed By The Dead" and "The Depths Of Darkness" have your fix and then some. Typically gore story lyrics with brutal vocals to bring it to life. Again, simple yet effective is our theme for the lyrics, but why write lyrics without complex meaning? The voice... it can impact a song in many ways, plus can you really understand most harsh vocals? The gutterals will drag you under throughout songs, only to have a section of piercing screams send an electric current through your ears!

The electric current running through your body has only begun! The frantic guitar work is a work of art. With a handful of heavy chord sections, Dylan manages to fuse plenty of technical death type runs, arrpegios and tapping sections which change position at the crack of a whip. Melody isn't the main goal, but there are plenty of moments where it shines with various riffs, leads and such. The intro in "Revelation" is an extremely melody driven trem picked riff which leads to a heavy sections, but back into a melodic moment, then the brutality returns in unison with brutal gutterals and Marco's drumming.

All this time, the bass has been running wild. This EP has some of the most amazing bass work I've witnessed in my life. After watching (now bassist) Jeff play this work live, I was blown away. Again, position shifts, two handed tapping and runs which are finger picked at 285 bpm flawlessly! It being easily heard throughout this record is great.

Another strength is Marco's drumming, as I've pointed out several times. This man blasts at the speed of light. He lays down countless blast beats throughout the record, but doesn't bring the most technical approach. Is that even needed? Not really, as he contributes every second of the recording of each song. The beats are varied, tasty and very catchy. Catchy seems to be a rarity among extreme metal drumming, but most people would be able to listen and enable the frantic, catchy work he has put forth.

What is wrong with this perfect image? There isn't much, but the gutteral lows could be better. This was recorded with an earlier vocalist. Steve wasn't near what Andre Cornejo did live when I saw them. Again, very good, but just a fine point where the band has taken a step foward with Andre joining. There are moments were the guitar or bass is muddy among the overall sound, but hardly ever. Some will complain the drumming is pure speed, but it isn't meant to bring mindblowing technicality.

It is one of the best extreme debut records I've heard. With only 6 songs to their credit, Brain Drill landed with a gig opening for Cannibal Corpse. They must be something right!
If you're a fan of technical death, grindcore or a fusion of both in this case, check this EP out.