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Technical prowess without substance - 40%

The Clansman 95, November 8th, 2018

I'll tell you this. As a great fan of technical death metal bands like Nile, Suffocation, Necrophagist, and so on, I feel really bad reviewing this album. I mean, I really wanted to like it, but I couldn't. This band is composed by incredibly skilled musicians, whose technical ability reaches levels beyond imagination. Too bad they completely lack when it comes to songwriting. Being "technical" doesn't mean you have to forcedly display your ability to play an instrument for fourty minutes straight ("Hey, look at how many notes per second I can play!" style). Technicality is awesome, but as long as it benefits and beautifies the songs, which happens when correctly and tastefully amalgameted while you write the music. Apparently, these guys didn't get it.

This album is, from beginning to end, FAST. VERY FAST. Too fast for its own good, to be honest. I mean, I love fast-tempo songs, but you can't write an album entirely made of fast songs. For almost the entire duration of the CD, the band plays at more than 200 bpms. There are some breakdowns here and there, but they don't really slow down the pace that much. The riffs. The riffs try being technical as hell, and they do succeed in doing so, but they don't mind being memorable or sticking to your mind. If you add the fact that every time a song starts being interesting, or memorable, or getting some catchy vibe, the band ruins anything, interrupting the flow just to randomically throw in endless, senseless and completely out of place sessions of sweep picking, tapping, self-indulgente shredding and so on, you'll get an idea of how bad this album ends up being. The drums sound absolutely chaotic, a continuous succession of blast beats, gravity blasts, and lightspeed fast double bass drumming at insanely high tempos. Thus, the songs result absolutely cacophonous and painful to listen, similar to each other, and boring, especially in the second half of the album. The vocalist is good, too bad he doesn't get time to shine, as his bandmates are almost constantly masturbating with their instruments. The bass can be heard here and there during the shredding sessions, otherwise it's buried in the mix.

I still can't believe that such talented musicians could write such terrible music. The technical prowess of the band members is, as stated before, beyond amazing, without question, just listen to the album if you want to make an idea of that. But what is totally lacking here is substance, and that's really a shame. If I had to choose the most decent tracks of the lot, those would be "Gorification" and the title track. This album can result fun to listen if you're drunk while you're with your metalhead friends and want to laugh at how absurdely technical is the stuff being played here, but let me tell you, it's impossible to take music like this seriously.