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Bròn - Fògradh

Bròn - Fògradh - 100%

TempleofDarknessReviews, July 30th, 2014
Written based on this version: 2014, Digital, Independent

Bròn is a project lead by the man behind Barshasketh and Belliciste, Krigeist. Having only released their first demo not too long ago, Fògradh, Bròn is already impressing a lot of fans. Sporting one 28 minute opus of atmospheric/ambient black metal, it is one of the cleanest and well produced demos I have heard in years. Everything is in perfect balance and the sound is super clear, making for a very easy listen.

Once you start this 28 minute journey, you are immediately greeted with an ambient and dare I say, calming, atmosphere to start off. Not long after the beautiful and slow melody starts, you are assaulted with a mid tempo black metal riff which, in different variations, the whole song as based around. The background key parts provide a very cosmic sort of feel, making for a very massive feeling to the track. Throughout the whole song, Krigeist balances quiet and ambient sections with the hard hitting black metal sections so well, it seems to put the listener in a trance and you don’t even realize that the tempo, style, or song has switched to an entirely different section!

The musical work is astonishing throughout the whole song. While nothing too flashy, the guitar work fits with everything else that is going on. Drumming is very laid back and mid tempo for the most part, which again is not too overdone and flashy, but that accentuates what everything else is doing by not taking up that space. The one thing that really makes this track stand out is the ambient/synth work in the background. Without the keys behind everything else that is going on, the atmosphere would not be as grand as it is throughout. It gives the music a very comforting vibe while still delivering a punch.

Unfortunately, this is all that Bròn has to sport material wise. With this only being a demo, I cannot imagine what a full length is going to sound like. I hope Bròn keeps up what they’re doing, because they are definitely doing something right!