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Amazing - 95%

Janssen, March 16th, 2004

This album despite sporting a very horrid cover is actually very well done and very amazing. I found out about this project just recently and took interest in it because of Tony Levin who is an amazing bassist and stick player who I knew from the 80’s-90’s King Crimson lineup but everyone in this side project can play and play very well, even the drumming. There are no spoken words on this album and there is no need, all the songs instrumentally are mind blowing enough and complex. There are touches of many genres contained on this mainly progressive influenced metal, rock, jazz some blues and classical guitar. “The Sun Road” is a captivating opener which contains some great everything. “Duende” is a beautiful classical acoustic guitar with great percussion. All the tracks though contain everything you want good riffs and instrumental exploration although I admit there are just a very few parts where it seems to meander off but they don’t last for long. The production also compliments every instrument when they are needed and is done very well. Very essential for people open experimental progressive instrumental music. Also check out King Crimson of any era.