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Good live album! - 84%

Brat1983, December 1st, 2005

It was pure coincidence I first heard of Japanese act Bow Wow. I read two lines about them in an old book about the rockscene in the early 80's. It just said that if you like traditional heavy metal with stupid lyrics, you were bound to like this.

Having somewhat of a mysterious curiosity towards strange things that I don't know a thing about, I decided to find some music of Bow Wow's.
I don't know how, but somehow the local library managed to get 2 Bow Wow records for me to loan. This live record and the album Warning From Stardust.

The live record proved to be the best of those 2. Of course I only know the studio versions of the songs on here that are taken from Warning From Stardust, but it doesn't matter, because this generally proves that japanese can rock! And they could make the English audience go really nuts (it's recorded at "The Marquee" in London)!!

It's a little funny to look at the back of the cover on which you see the band on stage. It looks a little goofy with these small japanese people carrying big guitars and everything.

Anyway, there's actually some pretty nice tunes here that really show the band's ability to write good songs. And Kyoji Yamamoto is a mean devil on that guitar. Eddie van Halen, go the fuck home. This guy outdoes you on all levels!

The best songs here: Getting Back On The Road, You're Mine, Can't Get Back To You, Don't Cry Baby and Theme of Bow Wow. There's a piece of Can't Get Back To You where the band shows some really nice skills and that they're really tight.

I'll agree with the aforementioned book that the lyrics are a little corny but hell, it doesn't matter at all when the band plays so well.

Except for a couple of songs that don't reach the genious of the rest and a rather simple production, this is a live album that could satisfy many a heavy metal fan.