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Extreme metal kids out for blood - 86%

GuardAwakening, December 6th, 2012

In my opinion, this recent thing I've been finding of deathcore bands featuring brutal death metal statistics in their music is something I think is really fresh. Found within all of deathcore, you'll find bands that either sound too similar to one another or end up just abandoning the genre altogether. Thankfully (or in some cases to other metal fans, unfortunately) the genre has revived itself once again with a fresh helping of groups looking for a new sound to garner amongst their own leisure, almost building up a new audience entirely. Is this the new sound for deathcore? Maybe eventually it won't even be such a hated metal genre if this keeps up.

Bound by Exile is a British six piece, and let me just say that these kids go fucking hard and as hard as they possibly can. Most of the members are fresh from high school and it feels like the music itself feels much more mature and experienced than you would expect kids like this to even create. The first track alone (in the first 4 seconds) is almost literally a blizzard of noise (think Cattle Decapitation's outburst moments) before setting into itself. The guitarists of the band will usually shift from tremolo picking and back to chugging (typical deathcore) but their drummer is one of the most redeeming factors of the band. Like their older peers that practically founded the sound of this style of metal Ingested, were practically reknown for their secret weapon; Lyn Jeffs who is an absolute god at the blast beat. As for the band's bassist, you can actually hear him now and then, not in the mastering but he actually has his own bass breaks every now and then wear he steers up the fretboard proving he's more than just backround rumble.

But, the REAL star of the show in Bound by Exile is their dual lead vocalist positions; Luke McCarthy and Courtney Rice. McCarthy handles the growls while Rice handles the screams wherein both these boys specialize in their respective vocal registers. McCarthy's range sounds as if it's a combination of Alex Erian (Despised Icon) and Phil Bozeman (Whitechapel) wherein Rice sounds like a hybrid of Alex Koehler (Chelsea Grin) and Scott Kennedy (Bleed from Within). In all they're pretty much within the growl and scream range of several deathcore vocalists behind them, except they get in between each other's styles of other bands.

Defilement I believe is just the begging for these young metallers. Yes they've had releases other than this EP but I truly believe that it's just the foundation for their eventual make up to their original sound. Ever since hearing this EP, I was blown away at their energy and performance, although they're not the most original band on the extreme metal block, they've got a lot potential for a full-length that I hope to hear about soon.

Check out tracks: "Desecrate" and "Dethroned"