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Not sure how to take it; not a bad thing. - 60%

caspian, September 23rd, 2012

This is rather weird and probably not good. Nonetheless, the clean/droney guitar interplay, the bad production (are there drums in most of this? Is this guitar meant to sound the way it does? Are their choral parts or that just some weird phase problem?), and the tendency towards long, rather strange drawn out drone sections has kept me listening and if not enthralled, at least extremely interested in trying to hear what's there in the mix and what isn't in the mix. Hell, I'll be honest and say a few parts really drew me in.

Bosque are meant to traffic in some kind of funeral doom but a few obvious moments aside (clean parts in Erasure, which wouldn't sound so bad if the recording quality wasn't sub-bedroom, occaisonal screams) this reminds me more of Horseback's "Impale Golden Horn" than anything that Thergothon or Skepticism ever put out. The obvious indication is the drums: almost entirely absent, either a slowly repeating snare (cymbals are for the weak) that's way back in the mix, or nothing at all, or just ridiculously quiet. They have no impact at all and to be honest you could take them off the album and no one would notice at all.

The rest of it is sorta there, but only barely. It's interesting at just how close this thing treads between "bedroom dweller stumbling upon an amazing drone journey" and "hideous amatuer funeral doom". Most of the songs have a few parts of both. The mysterious, occaisonally in tune vocals hover around in the mix in a matter so strange (and occaisonally beautiful: check Beyond) and barely-there that there's no way it could not be an accident. The guitars don't really do much either (and when they do, like the guitar "solo" in Candles you'd wish they didn't), but likewise, they drone in a very high pitched, static-y, super fuzzy tone that would suggest a webcam was used as a mike if the sustain wasn't so damn good. The drones are long, the guitars feeding back and soaring up into skies sorrowful and majestic.

...Before being brought back down by a bad clean break, or way out of place vocals. This is a weird album, it's a damned weird album. It really must be mentioned that some parts are really, really cool; simply, stately, powerful parts in which you hope death is half as nice as what's flowing through your ears. But then.. the second half of candles kicks in for no real reason at all. Or the mid part of the first song. Or a fair bit of the album. It's like one of the monkey on a typewriter that ALMOST gets it right but fits a twilight novel in between the shakespeare play he's typed out by accident. I'd recommend you give it a listen though, as it's honestly quite a fascinating sonic journey with parts equally confounding and awe-inspiring.