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Borknagar at their best! - 100%

mikeald, September 6th, 2008

Hands down the best Borknagar album! Each song is amazing in its own particular way. There is lots of variation within each song, which makes them much more enjoyable. The lengths of the songs are the longest Borknagar has ever recorded. Songs average from five minutes or longer. Production is a step up from the self-titled, it’s punchy but not over produced.

Guitar, like all Borknagar albums stands out because it’s not your typical tremolo picking but some decent lead work and power chords by Oystein. Songs have your typical spider like leads which scream, “Oystein G. Brun!” If you are new to Borknagar TOD is a great place to get familiar with his guitar work. There are no solos on this album, Oystein is not know for his solos but his simplistic yet very effective guitar work.

Ivan’s syth does not over bear the music but simply complements the music and filling in the gaps when needed, check out the song, Grimland Domain. Drums are typical blast beats but sound fitting and never out of place thanks to the talents of the late Grim. Kai’s bass is audible throughout the album. For most black metal releases there tends to be little to no bass which makes TOD stand out amongst the sea of generic black/Viking metal bands.

Garm’s vocals range from harsh black metal screams, whispers, to clean vocals. Note that this is one of the only releases that he screams in English. His clean vocals are baritone, similar to his performance in the godly “La Masquerade Infernale” by Arcturus. 1997 was an amazing year for Garm. His clean vocals get some getting use to but once you get into them, you’re hooked on the album.

Highlights include The Winterway, To Mount and Rove, and Grimland Doman. If you haven’t picked up this masterpiece yet do it. Highly recommended for fans of: Enslaved, Moonsorrow, Windir, and Bathory or any other type of progressive black metal.