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Black metal. - 65%

ratsalad, June 10th, 2006

This album, to me, is really... bland. Apart from the odd acoustic folky moments, there is absolutely nothing to distinguish this band from the rest of the black metal crop, and, therefore, no real reason to listen to this above any other album.

Granted, there is absolutely nothing BAD about the album at all. It is perfectly passable black metal. The production is suitably raw enough, the guitars chainsaw-esque, the drums blast/double bass filled. The one criticism I'd have is of the clean vocals. When they are implemented to actually sing lyrics, they are fantastic, adding a good layer of atmosphere to the music. All too often, however, they merely make use of a gregorian chant style thing, which just sounds like bad keyboards. Hell, maybe it is.

Borknagar are, of course, more famous for their clean-vocalled folk metal approach which they have nowadays. I'd have to say that I am glad, because this release is significantly underwhelming. One can see the roots of the unique sound that the band has these days, but that alone is no real reason to buy, or even necessarily listen to, this album