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Pure bliss.... - 90%

Satanic_Shoe, July 11th, 2009

The following regards the creation of two artists notoriously known for producing loud, often chaotic music. The first are a trio of Japanese rockers with an eclectic sense of musical composition, the other, also Japanese, is... well... a demon who produces dense, layered slabs of unrestrained noise music. Together, however, the exit their strange realms of chaos, and cross over to majestic glacial landscapes and towering ice-capped mountains, both scenes of utter peace and bliss, effectively leaving both of their comfort zones in favor of crafting beautiful, elegant, and restrained soundscapes in the form of slowly moving ice and a gentle, though chilly breeze.

This environment may seem dull and uninteresting to some, but really, this landscape is something to be admired, for only gods could carve such utter beauty from but harsh cold. A hum of the passive breeze drifts to and fro as a lone guitar plays a simple song, one of the self-reflection of the solo guitarist and admiration for such a lovely but desolate place.

Soon, a bit of snow slowly slides down a mountain side, creating a slow, soft rumble, while the breeze picks up a bit, chilling the guitarist in a brisk wisp. He is eventually joined by more of guitars chanting spells of relaxation, droning like cicadas as if there were a vast multitude oscillating their mating calls in the frigid, minimal beauty.

The more one travels through this landscape, the more sounds one will pick up: the gurgle of the last unfrozen brook; reindeer herding through the snow, their footsteps but a light patter over the powder; the nearly inaudible swoosh of an albatross and scamper of white rabbits; even the suns warming but contained and far-from-fiery beams, streaking such quaint golden against the blue sky and white earth, seem to be emitting some sort of low frequency noise.

It really is a gentle environment, and is sure to put anyone who passes through at unnatural ease, but it's so immersive and dynamic that one could not possibly drift into a state of unconscious dreams unless they do not see the fascinating beauty concealed in this environment. But so quickly does one pass through this sculpture of ice and snow (or so it seems), that they seem distant and far from home upon exit of what many would call a frigid, hollow waste. But the true admirer with always return, as if lured by the pleasure of an earthen drug.