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Sun Baked Snow Cave - 100%

ElectroSabbath, December 26th, 2006

Some people might find this album to be odd, but what else can you expect from the Lord of Noise whom is Merzbow? The album gets started after about a minute of soft little noises when a nice acoustic guitar comes in, playing it’s tiny notes at a nice, soothing slow pace; meanwhile, the noise in the background is faint, but nearly constant. This goes on for about twelve minutes when a very loud noise starts to slowly fade in; constantly it’s getting louder and louder with the acoustic still fighting on through it. By seventeen minutes the noise has over thrown the acoustic, and by eighteen minutes the noise is a powerful force, very SunnO)))-esque. On and on it just keeps getting more fierce, more noises come into play, making it even more powerful, and before you know it there’s a wall of noise that is impenetrable. After forty minutes it begins to calm down and by forty-five minutes that old familiar acoustic is awaken once again, but with a rotten note still driving out it’s wretched noise, but by forty-eight minutes it fades away. On and on the acoustic plays, but with noises fading in and out, until at one hour and two minutes all is silent…

If you’re into drone, seriously…check this out…