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Book of Wyrms > Leatherwing Bat > Reviews
Book of Wyrms - Leatherwing Bat

Hazy, spacey fun - 80%

tahu157, December 9th, 2017
Written based on this version: 2016, Digital, Twin Earth Records (Bandcamp)

Leatherwing Bat is the lead single off of Book of Wyrms’ album Sci-Fi/Fantasy. It was a good choice for a lead single too because it is arguably the best song on the album in addition to being my personal favorite track. I’m not overly familiar with doom metal and its offshoots, but I like to think that this is what a stoner-doom song is supposed to be like. It’s not crushingly heavy but it’s also no featherweight. It’s not slow and plodding but I’d never call it a fast song either. The vocals are eerie and hypnotizing. The atmosphere is so mellow and spacey that the macabre and violent story told in the lyrics seems like it’s happening in slow motion. The whole song just seems like what stoner-doom is all about. Unfortunately with only a handful of riffs and a whole lot of repetition the song doesn’t quite pay for itself and its eight-minute runtime, but there isn’t too much excess so I don’t really mind. Despite its length-inflation, Leatherwing Bat is an extremely fun track to listen to, and I think it does its genre justice. If you were ever looking for a good place to start with stoner-doom, I think this would be an excellent choice.