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As Exciting as Being Laid to Rest in a Casket... - 25%

EvilAllen, August 12th, 2019

While not as terrible as other releases that I have witnessed for a long time, this one is slightly better than that of a selected few... I can honestly suggest that this album is better than Metallica's "Lulu" (2011) collaboration... However, this, in itself, does blow junks right out of it's rear end (its ass, in case you haven't figured that out yet). I've known about Book of Black Earth for quite awhile...and I never did care for them very much. Not to mention, that I think them as humans beings, suck too... I hate they're style, their all fucking stinks like a rotting fish carcass.

The production is pretty basic and isn't as clear as it could have been. Though, it sounds like it was recorded using a semi-small "budget". I guess these guys must've blew their money on booze or something all the time... That'll explain why the production isn't the greatest...but hey, who's perfect? Not me, that I can tell you... The band's creativity is pretty lame in terms of coming up with memorable riffs, drum patterns and techniques. I'm almost bored as can be, writing this review about this pretty lame-ass record.

The guitars do have a bit of "groove" to them with a basic sense of "style". However, it's not something that seems "inspired". It's just sounds like something that's a bit "cool", but it's like being "high" temporary, you know? It's "okay" for a brief period of time, but becomes as bad as the stench of fish guts. The strings sound like they were processed, heavily, through a damn freeware plugin to create a massive amount of "distortion". I'll understand if the band don't ever want to return doing this project, because as a concept, it's pretty boring. I'm glad Chef Ramsey doesn't criticize music, because if he did, this band would get fucked up by his words... I can almost promise you that.

I'm willing to review bands that I hate and try being fair about it, so why should these rejects be any different? The bass isn't even mixed way into the album. You can barely even tell that it's there. Sure, the guitars are so low-tuned it, that it sounds like a bass, a little, but it's clearly the guitars that are being strummed so heavily. It doesn't take a total-retard to comprehend that...right? The drums are pretty lazy and poorly designed. It sounds like the drummer had no idea of what to use to fill in some much-needed gaps in the instrumentals. Doesn't even sound exciting to me at all.

The band's artwork is a little cool...but it's nothing note-worthy. It might have some weird colours, but who's supposed to remember what kind of garbage it's based off of? Sure, a few riffs here 'n' there are alright, but those aren't influenced by anything memorable...Therefore, the riffs themselves, aren't worth remembering. These idiots must assume that they're Chuck Schuldiner or something, you know? At least he was amazing at creating ideas and structures. He wasn't a lazy musician. These guys 'n' this release, just in general, feel pretty dull. Almost all the riffs rival each other with each song. It just doesn't sound fun-filled. They even go as far as to creating musical "fillers" throughout this album. Who wants to hear that shit? Especially if it's bad. This might as well have been a demo, because as a full-length, this scum delivers itself to the morgue...and then some...

You guys, suck...