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A Gateway To Stoner Doom - 90%

blackfiremonkey3, March 16th, 2008

Punk rock mixes with politics. Rap mixes with money. Death metal mixes with blood and gore. Do not ever say that marijuana and doom metal do not mix because they do and once you put those two ingredients together, you will get yourself lost in a forest of smoke, psychadelia, and heavy fucking metal. Bongzilla is one of the many bands that prove this to be true.

These stoners have managed to grow an aggresive, psychadellic, and really fucking heavy collection of doom metal songs. The songs flow so amazingly on this album that it sounds like you are listening to an hour long doom song filled with audio clips of news reports regarding illegal marijuana and haunting marijuana influenced lyrics. How can a lyric like "I need to taste your breath/
Every day I need the love you bring/I just want to live my life/With you forever by my side/Never again to feel the pain of life/Your smoke takes me away" not send chills down your spine?

The most haunting song (and in my opinion, the heaviest) is Bongsession. This seven-minute marijuana love-song utilizes a very repetitive riff that gets heavier and heavier as the song progresses but you cannot help but feel the awesomeness of it and all you want to do after a while is hear that same riff over and over again. How heavy you ask? Lets just say the title is not an understatement. This song is as heavy as and I am not kidding.

I recommend this to fans of any band or type of doom metal whether it be epic like Candlemass, death-influenced like My Dying Bride, or just drowsy and psychadellic like Electric Wizard and Sleep. This album is a doom metal essential and if you just so happen to worship marijuana as much as these guys do, prepare for one hell of a trip.