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Just have fun with it - 80%

we hope you die, August 26th, 2019

It is with regret that Leeds’ own Bongcauldron are throwing in the towel. They were good when they did things like play gigs and release music. But this happened rarely over time. Music is a time-consuming hobby. It extracts a heavy toll on some.

After the triumph of revelry that was ‘Binge’ they have left us with one last EP of primitive excess, ‘Tyke’, released late last year. Bongcauldron offer various lessons in how to make stoner/sludge metal exciting even with the most basic components. One is humour, which has a problematic relationship with quality music in general, and tends to kill longevity. But applied sparingly and tastefully it works. And Bongcauldron’s celebration of depravity is invigorating and funny.

The second lesson is the power of percussion in doom metal. They are not afraid to mess with tempos, they wear their punk influences on their sleeve, and even when they deteriorate into a crushingly slow groove the ear is still drawn to that rhythm section. Which brings us round to lesson three for doom metal artists, find yourself a good drummer. Jay Hope certainly added some high fidelity musicianship to their primal live shows. This comes through on ‘Tyke’, but remains underdeveloped on this three track EP.

The other hallmarks of this music are fun but nothing we have not heard before. Dual vocal attack, catchy heavy blues riffs, engaging groove, and rhythmic tension. I would have liked to see where Bongcauldron were going with their sound on a second LP, but some things are just not meant to last.

Originally published at Hate Meditations