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Heavy grooves with hints of things to come... - 75%

CursedReflektions, April 10th, 2015
Written based on this version: 2015, CD, Independent (Printed Card Sleeve)

“The Doctor had warned me that it would be bad. It was horrible. It smelt of filth, it smelt of disease and it smelt of death.”

Truly teasing with this two track EP, BongCauldron have again mastered the art of the grooving riff while building a more focused atmospheric background, hinting at things to come. First track Swamp Law is a thumping declaration of intention, not dissimilar to the barrelling mid-tempo riffage of the band’s first EP. At only two and a half minutes however, it almost seems like it could have been the mid-section to a longer track, the time change at the end suddenly ending the song rather than moving it elsewhere.

Conversely, the title-track is a different proposition altogether, approaching the other end of the BongCauldron spectrum: longer and overall more slowed down, the song journeys through faster and slower sections, developing a gloriously fetid atmosphere, only whiffs of which could be discerned on the previous release. The momentary flurries of speed descend quickly back into crushing riffs, but this paranoid pace takes a different turn approaching the eight minute mark with a more space-out, almost psychedelic meander regenerating the atmosphere cultivated at the beginning of the track.

Granted there’s no Tree Wizard here, but Acid Cattle’s uncharacteristically restrained, trippy interlude is a welcome suggestion as to how BongCauldron’s sound may develop over the space of a much-needed full-length release – and additionally, the intricate, kaleidoscopic artwork by Steve Myles begs to be extended over a complete album fold-out/vinyl package. Acid Cattle again shows BongCauldron to be masters of the sludgy swamp groove, it’s just unfortunate the EP simply isn’t long enough to set it apart from the previous release. What it does do though is create an appetite for more, almost, as big as the riffs (7.5/10).

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