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Boring - 39%

weakling_goat, June 25th, 2009

Here’s the first demo for Noktorn’s new project. He’s already tried ambient black metal and doom/death/grind and is now onto brutal death metal. His older outputs have been met with very mixed results and I was eager to see if an improvement had been made (and if his obvious fetish for molasses would arrive and spoil the show).

As with Septic Tomb, the music here is very low and at some points turns into mere rumbling. I’m not sure why Noktorn seems to favor extremely low-end sound, but it doesn’t work too well in this case. The bass is stupidly heavy and muddles the tracks as well as adding an obnoxious crunching quality, only remedied by large subwoofers. The music is brainless in composition and rather uninteresting as a whole. I don’t understand the appeal of boring low death metal at all. None of the songs really carry any strength and are rather stagnant. (an aspect shared with Septic Tomb). They chug along slowly, then fast, then slow again in the most unremarkable fashion. Another annoying feature are the vocals. They’re impossibly low, probably pitch-shifted, and come off sounding more like angry wind than a human. Lyrics were published as well, though the listener will have trouble distinguishing words even if s/he was reading them simultaneously. Speaking of, the words are just as stale the music. “There is no escape/ From my crypts of doom/ Grimly meet your fate/ My walls will be your tomb” doesn’t exactly get people excited (if they had the opportunity to understand them).

Bad production, “vocals”, and audial fogginess aside, there are some positive moments on the demo. Some of the slower riffs sound pretty cool and the atmosphere is pretty heavy (Torturer and Lurking Insanity) and the instruments easier to distinguish. The drum machine feel very under powered during these segments, but it’s still palatable. As for the others, Hunt for Blood is decent, but is way too crunchy and distorted for my tastes. Instant Death is a complete blur (bad) and is over before it’s begun (good). Though I’m not an expert on the genre, I believe I can safely say that this is generic. I suppose if you’re a fan of Mortician or a multitude of similar bands I’m unfamiliar with, you would find this enjoyable. People checking this band out because it’s self-compared to Jungle Rot and Bolt Thrower will more than likely be disappointed. I think a Buddhist monk or Rasta once said “seek little and be disappointed naught.” Listeners’ experiences with Bonescraper relate to this quote (zero disappointment not guaranteed). It’s available for free, and everybody loves free stuff right? I can’t recommend it, but if you’re curious, give it a download. Just don't say that I didn't warn you.