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Crushing and simplistic - 78%

overkill666, September 7th, 2009

I've followed Noktorns projects for a while now, so I usually know the quality of music he will release. Usually he finds a way to make minimalist music sound pretty good, such as Bonescraper and Septic Tomb. I'm a big Mortician fan, especially their early career era. This demo reminds me of the Mortician demos, and maybe a little of House by the Cemetary.

The first thing I noticed was the epically downtuned guitar. It's most likely tuned as far as Mortician tunes, but I'm not certain of this. Let's just say it's very, very low. It causes the riffs to sound like they are chugging along. Though, don't let that fool you. The riffs are vicious even though they are very simple. I enjoy the subtle changes in the guitar writing. It's easy to headbang along to the opening riff in 'Torturer' because it has so much groove in it. Many times there's changes in tempo, sometimes slow and sometimes blistering fast. See 'Instant Death' for the best example of this. I can't hear any bass as I listen to this, so that's something that leaves me lacking. If you're going to be Mortician worship, you need that crushing bass in the mix. The drums are programmed very well. I could see Noktorn easily finding a drummer to play this music and maybe that would lead to more music or shows. The drum work fits perfectly with the tempo changes and it never has those awkward moments that a lot of bands using drum programming seem to have. Down to the vocal work, it's damn brutal. The gutturals are the best for what's being played here. It just fits the music and creates a brutal atmosphere.

I only found a few things I didn't like about the demo. For one, the production seems to be a bit of an issue. It causes a lot of the tremolo style riffs to sound almost too raw. It causes the guitar to sound inaudible. With a cleaner production style, I'm sure the music would sound a lot better in some parts. Though, don't get me works very well in some parts. Also, the length. I wouldn't directly say it's too much of a negative thing, but I wanted to hear more than ten minutes. Maybe on the next release there will be more music to be heard.

Bonescraper is not for the fans of super technical. You will not be pleased since there is not an ounce of technicality within the ten minutes of music on this demo. Though, you don't have to be technical to create good music. What's here is this: atmosphere and brutality. For me, that's good enough. Let's hope the next Bonescraper release will be as interesting.