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This is just wrong...entertaining...but wrong! - 62%

hells_unicorn, July 21st, 2011

Like a stubborn attack of plague boils, our lovable prognosticator of the sonically repulsive Noktorn has elected to remind us of how extreme metal can be obnoxiously so, yet still have a level of charm to it. His latest project, dubbed Bonescraper, follows a particularly basic concept of repulsing the listener with punishing low-fi production values and utterly stupefying depths of chug guitar sewage to complement a muffled growl that is sure to do lasting damage to any set of subwoofers. It’s all just a few steps away from mush, yet it also has a fairly tasty flavor to it, in much the same respect as those amateur early recordings Agathocles put out in the late 80s, with a good helping of Mortician tendencies too, particularly in the guitar sound.

Perhaps the most unique aspect of this small collection of swamp traps and septic ponds is the heavily laid back tempo that dominates most of the listen. Combined with a very formulaic and stripped down riff set, I can’t help but think I’m listening to 3 different interpretations of Morbid Angel’s “God Of Emptiness” with an occasional launching into a distorted, muddy blast section that is all but unintelligible. The only outlier of the group is the monstrously short “Instant Death”, which ironically takes 47 seconds to get the cadaver to stop twitching, but provides a reminder as to Noktorn’s grindcore influences on this beast. But regardless to whether each individual package breaks the 1 minute mark or not, the goal of these songs is to shock and disgust, in a pleasing way of course. Particular note should be made of the closer “Lurking Insanity”, with a principle riff during the slow sections that evolves in a very subtle fashion yet sticks in the memory instantly.

The principle complaint to be launched at this album is one that could be launched at a number of death/grind acts. After a handful of listens this thing starts to get redundant and needs to be shelved for a while in order to be interesting. While simplicity is generally what tends to sell if you’re in the pop/punk or old school heavy metal scene, this style of music generally doesn’t grab too many unless it has some sort of intricate gimmick to it (hence Brain Drill’s popularity). But that’s not necessarily the business that Noktorn is in, and there is definitely a fair collection of mud loving death/doom fanatics out there who can appreciate this.