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Angel Of Disease - 71%

Sweetie, May 5th, 2020

A band going by the name of Bones, with an album titled Diseased, gives you a pretty fair idea that you’re in for something pretty nasty. As if they needed more of a giveaway, the opening song title “Blood, Diarrhea, And Tears” pretty much confirms this. Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, they craft a dense brand of buzzing death metal glazed with crust influences. From front to back, we are given a horrid onslaught of blasting drums, unlovable vocals, and grinding riffs.

For something with such a loose structure, the production feels nicer than you’d expect. Everything stands out at some point or another, the drums especially hitting hard at the right moments. The title track has tons of spooky fun, using higher guitar wails and rolling drums for foundation. It lets the bass jump to the surface with alternating vocal patterns, feeling welcoming despite the grueling nature. The bass-lines are brought on even heavier in “No One Matters,” before erupting into a bludgeoning swing of instrumental saturation. The delivery almost feels like something from a newer Obituary disc.

Not all of Diseased retains this type of energy. Some songs lean way heavier into the crust element, which is hit or miss depending on how the song is structured. The quicker punches hold the most amount of weight in this department, also showing nicely on “No One Matters.” However, some songs like “Mass Graves” feel like they want to dive into doom territory. The punkier edge instead gives it slamming vibes, covered in shouting vocals. The vocals in general are an acquired taste. “Down” is another one that will give that away, having a similar attitude.

But ultimately, Bones sorta gave me what I was expecting. It’s a filthy record reeking of death, rot, and disease (go figure). It’s not overly long, and the good moments are truly great. It may not be brilliant from cover to cover, but this is worth seeking out for those with an itch for something slightly left of typical death metal.

Originally written for Indy Metal Vault