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Good Is Dumb, Redux - 87%

TheStormIRide, December 7th, 2017

Armed with the album title of the year, Sexual Panic Human Machine, Finland's Bonehunter proves that evil really does triumph (because good is dumb) with a nine track opus of furiously deranged hymns praising all things nasty. The band's 2015 full length debut, Evil Triumphs Again, was a blast, but it was a bit one dimensional in scope; leaving like minded listeners salivating at the hope for future installments of unhinged insanity. Released in August of 2017 through Hells Headbangers, Bonehunter's sophomore effort, Sexual Panic Human Machine, delivers the maniacal craziness in spades.

Though their latest album is clearly the same type of filthy and snarling metalpunk as its predecessor, the fine lads in Bonehunter honed their approach into one of the nastiest chunks of blackened, punkened, thrashing hellfire in recent memory. After a short intro, “Enter the Satan's Dimension” blasts off with a high speed crossover-tinged riff as the drums and vocals go mental. From there, it's track after track of catchy, sleaze-ridden anthems. Despite the harsh, throat torn screams that serve as vocals, there are several immensely catchy sing-along portions (or maybe I sing-along because I'm equally demented...). The instrumentation is also a huge step up from previous efforts, as the riffs ooze some form of unknown contagion, because there is no way a riff like the main one in “Digital Evil” isn't spreading some type of catchy, raging disease that erodes the brain in a single listen (and, shit, I'm on, at least, listen number thirty at this point). Rock-ish lead licks and a tendency to drop into chaotic, yet still catchy hardcore punk riffing keep the manic, blackened thrashing moving along without getting stale.

The production is rather muddy and distorted, though the instruments still manage to shine through nicely; though the rangy, rabid riffing is certainly the centerpiece. Ripping and clawing their way through piss-soaked gutters and congealed dumpster remains, Bonehunter takes the cake for one of the most deranged and mental albums of the year. Their sound recalls the typical Hells Headbangers sound, though with more than a passing nod to the likes of G.G. Allin: it's more punk and sleaze than usual, but, god damn, does it work when all blended together. Sexual Panic Human Machine is not radio or kid friendly at all, and that's just how some of us like it. Fucking off-their-rockers mental and viciously deranged in all the right ways.