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Stripped-to-the-Bone Black Metal... - 100%

hellrape, February 1st, 2006

What we have with Bone Awl's "Night is Indifferent" is some truly powerful, and sincerely evil, raw black metal. This recording is pretty lo-fi, and buzzing with that grim, ugly black noise you either love, or hate, or just tune out and don't mind it.... I personally like it in this case as it seems to compliment the rasping snarls of rage the vocalist emits, and of course there's no bass guitar but just a flowing, sinister sense of disharmonic rhythm through the tracks, with the pace quickening at times to the vocalist's increasingly frantic howls, which though muddy in the production can still send black chills.
The lyrics, though not shining beacons of proper english or grammar, express a misanthropic vision of nihilist rage and visceral urge to survive through violence. They're simple but still thoughtful, alot better than the shit bands like slipknot pass off as "angsty and introspective", instead being merely self-obsessed and socially moronic.
This is why black metal appeals to more intelligent people, and isn't appealing to the masses.

As for the image, I appreciate that not every black metal group feels the need to conform to the established and accepted "image", and instead they prove that the essence of this musick comes from within, the dark fathomless depths of the spirit... It's alot more authentic than some wankers standing around in goddamn make-up. This is not my favourite Bone Awl release, actually I don't have a favourite, but I like alot of their different material. But if you like this style of hateful, raw black metal, you should own this album.