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More From Everyone's Favorite Super lo-fi Outfit - 85%

WinterBliss, May 29th, 2009

Simplistic, primitive, and a force to be reckoned with, Bone Awl carry out their latest outfit of punk infused black metal. Sticking to a formula that seems to work quite well for them, Bone Awl, continue with a brand of black metal that sits atop a simple punk drum beat with little accents to highlight the vocals when it really matters and a catchy, or effective, guitar riff that either stays put or trades places with another riff for the length of the song.

Taking the simplistic aspects of song writing, Bone Awl craft an exceedingly great riff, "great" in its self-awareness of simplicity and effect, and working a drum beat around it which keeps the flow constant and surges here and there to pique interest.

The ep starts off with cryptic words and a catchy guitar riff which repeats until two minutes and thirty-six seconds have passed. The drums, low in volume, pound out, which i mistook at first, for a disco beat, and syncs up with the vocals to provide accents and additional power to the distant sounding rasps. The second track starts with an old, and fitting/cool movie clip which fades into that typical Bone Awl stomp. Containing a monstrous three riffs, this song pounds away and hypnotizes the listener in a charming fashion that Bone Awl does so well. The third track, lacking the distinctions that the first two track carries, deals with much of the same almost sounding like a continuation of the second track. Enjoyable and wholly Bone Awl.

Even though the drums maintain the same beat throughout the ep, as well as one of the main beats the band uses on many recordings, the drums seem to experiment here more with lots of cymbal crashes and fills. The drums prove crucial in developing the song and emphasizing the vocals.

A very good ep from Bone Awl, but nothing too new. A bit more subdued sounding and maybe more...foreboding? if that's the right word than Meaningless Leaning Mess. Bone Awl achieves a sense of simplicity which evokes a charm that feels somewhat more complex and deep rooted than what most bands can offer today. With Bone Awl it's the real deal, so prepare your ears and throw away your sense of tasteful production.