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Ildjarn + Pig Destroyer = This? - 92%

TrooperOfThrash, September 11th, 2007

I guess you could call Bone Awl some kind of black-grind-punk hybrid. Always fast and raw and relentless, the tracks here are an assault on the senses and stuff. Take the raw aggression of Ildjarn and multiply it by the nonstop harshness of Pig Destroyer and you get something like this. Definitely a must have for fans of extreme metal or music.

Variation in the tracks? Nah. Just drums and guitar and bass and shrieking vocals for 40 minutes. But that is a good thing. This is not pretty music and it is not meant to be. Is the rough production intentional? Who cares. Bone Awl hearkens back, away from the overproduced tripe like Dimmu Borgir that is coming out of the so-called black metal scene these days.

For those who are not afraid of rawness and grimness, this is true harsh music. Highly recommended for metal fans.