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Primitive: that's how I live - 90%

BM_DM, September 9th, 2009

I've found much of Bone Awl's work tiring to listen to at album-length due to their tendency to lapse into artsy noisescapes. For all I know, the majority of the noise tracks with which they litter their long-form releases could have been recorded by leaving a mic next to an amp feeding back whilst they went to make tea and declaimed things from the kitchen through a megaphone.

However, this succinct piece of Ildjarn-styled primitivism is as direct as a punch to the face. The guitar and bass tone is both crisp and horribly distorted; the tick-tock tempi are wonderfully cretinous, and the simple refrain concludes with a pummeling single note assault along the lines of My Bloody Valentine's 'Feed Me With Your Kiss', minus the syncopation.

Listening to this 1 track, stripped-to-the-bone raw black metal release puts me in mind of The Groupies 1966 single, 'Primitive':

What I don't know can never hurt me
I live a life that's working for me
What I respect you just can't see
What you expect I'll never be

Primitive that's how I'll live
Primitive I'll take what you give
Cause I love and I live primitive

...and who doesn't?

Whilst they have strayed somewhat from the concept in recent times, the aesthetic around which Bone Awl created their identity observes a strict orthodoxy of primitivism. This track may well be its apogee.