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Scratchy Excellence - 88%

vargvikernes2, November 18th, 2010

On their 7th official demo, Bone Awl retain their genre bending mix of black metal and hardcore punk across 5 tracks which play over 15 minutes. This sound is very different from Darkthrone's amalgamation of punk and black metal, with low recording quality and harsh, scratchy vocals accompanying one riff songs (with occasional tremolo picking) and a driving punk beat.

Their sound is exemplified by "Offering To Me," where the chord progressions are slight but demanding, the vocals sounds like howls and there's even a "breakdown" with a different riff. The rest of the demo features more d-beat drumming, grinding riffs and raspy vocals, producing a sound similar to a mix between Bilskirnir and Impaled Nazarene.

The raw black metal and the DIY crust aspect make for a really terrific sound, and on this release, Bone Awl's style is reaching a peak of excellence.