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...So, I must take a nap - 1%

TripeOverload, March 7th, 2016

Now, this here is Bone Awl's blasterpiece of raw-to-the-bone black metal/punk hybrid, which could make a nifty listen to blow your mind. You've gotta ask yourself one question - "Do I feel lucky?". Well, do you, punk?
"Excuse me, sir? I just enjoyed two brews while a quarter hour car crash was going on in the background."

This is why I cannot even feel insulted. A review may be subjective, but hell, Woody Allen could tell you (and I will): subjectivity is objective. There ARE objectively bad works of art (no, make that aht). Honestly, there is little point in wondering why this tape was released in a few dozen copies - this is plain bad music. Not only does it make Akitsa sound like Teddy Pendergrass recording-wise, but I am also more than 99% positive that even with a recording as clean as Dalai Lama's piss, the value of this tape would amount to little more than a big fat zero. The rhythms provided by the drummer known as He Who Slaps Family Jewels alternate between the most elementary form of punk and Darkthrone-styled thumping, minus any sort of fills. The guitar tone is mostly no-wave, bearing striking resemblance to Mars and Harry Pussy's nauseatingly distorted strident kernel, and occasionally the guitar player known as He Who Chokes Chickens switches from frantic one-note or no-note riffs to nervous, mildly sinister riffs that would not be out of place on one of the more bottom tier acts from Les Legions Noires.

The vocals, unlike the completely banal groans I've heard on another recording of these guys (can you believe that I fell for that bullshit?), were muffled to the highest degree on this recording, reaching the intensity of an electric shaver. First I thought I needed the lyric sheet, but after coming to fully appreciate the value of the music, I guess it would only be fit for an ass Cornetto.

It's sort of a bad trip for one's ears and music lover consciousness. Like going to the dentist, getting anesthesia with volatile dog turd, getting two (healthy) teeth removed and feeling no need for a second meeting after all has ended. Hopefully, the band members' 60 plus drinking buddies that got hold of this tape and haven't choked on their own puke while asleep will come to give this album a truckload of 100% reviews, but I am now proclaiming it one of the most obnoxious dunces in its league.

Scratchy Excellence - 88%

vargvikernes2, November 18th, 2010

On their 7th official demo, Bone Awl retain their genre bending mix of black metal and hardcore punk across 5 tracks which play over 15 minutes. This sound is very different from Darkthrone's amalgamation of punk and black metal, with low recording quality and harsh, scratchy vocals accompanying one riff songs (with occasional tremolo picking) and a driving punk beat.

Their sound is exemplified by "Offering To Me," where the chord progressions are slight but demanding, the vocals sounds like howls and there's even a "breakdown" with a different riff. The rest of the demo features more d-beat drumming, grinding riffs and raspy vocals, producing a sound similar to a mix between Bilskirnir and Impaled Nazarene.

The raw black metal and the DIY crust aspect make for a really terrific sound, and on this release, Bone Awl's style is reaching a peak of excellence.