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One of the better 21st century retro thrash acts - 85%

morbert, April 2nd, 2009

I know, I wasn’t too fond about their first EP because of the inconsistency of the material but boy did this band prove me wrong on their full length debut!

Being associated with Exodus. Something that will probably hunt this band for years to come. Yet it’s their own fault obviously. Why on earth name your band after a well known classic. It’s stupid, it’s lame even. But nevertheless, this album makes me forget their name and earlier ‘Extinguish the Weak’ EP.

To make this even more obvious, I recall finding "The Evil Within" a lesser song on the EP since the slow and mid paced parts were simply not convincing and sounding rather unnatural. Well, it’s either the production of this album or the band has truly found a way during rehearsals and gigs to make these moments sound more fluent and cohesive. Here on “Feed The Beast” this song actually reveals its true potential!

What about the over all sound of their music? Just saying ‘retro thrash’ doesn’t narrow it down enough for me. There are obvious Exodus ideas. But on top of it plenty of inspirations drawn from Forbidden, Vio-Lence, Death Angel, Devastation and thrash-era Sepultura. Is vocalist Jose "Aladdin" Barrales a screamer or an actual vocalist? What he’s doing here makes one think of Steve Souza singing old Overkill songs but with twice the amount of lyrics.

Bonded By Blood cleverly combines the melody and catchiness of ancient Bay Area thrash with the more violent intensity of other newcomers such as Violator, Dekapitator and Magnetron but without succumbing to death-thrash temptations. Yet as said this time the band also manages to make their slower songs (there are only a few) sound energetic.

At times the band is so energetic they almost have crossover in sight but never do cross that border. They’re on the edge. “Self Immolation” rolls over you like Wasted Youth’s “Good Day For A Hanging” but without the hardcore atmosphere. “Civil Servant” is the embodiment of catchy thrash metal. Listen to it twice and you’ll probably never forget the chorus.

Yes, I really like this album. A bunch of young kids? That does not bother an ‘older’ thrasher like me. If it takes this new generation to show Exodus and Testament thrash metal should be energetic, in your face, never pedantic, never pretentious and preferably fast at least half the time on an album, then they’re welcome by me.