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Bonded by Pure 80s Thrash - 95%

darkreif, September 17th, 2008

So it wasn’t enough that a band felt like it was necessary they need to play 80s style Bay Area thrash metal but they felt it necessary to name their band Bonded by Blood. And as much caution as that normally throws into the air for me – I had already had a previous experience with this band with their debut EP, “Extinguish the Weak” and I knew that the band lived up to their name. But having a great EP doesn’t mean a debut album can live up to the hype.

Luckily, with Bonded by Blood their debut album, “Feed the Beast” is an exercise in great old school thrash. From start to finish these young Californians harness the awesome energy of thrash metal into a solid 42 minutes of fun. In fact, its because this album feels so fun and energetic that Bonded by Blood are able to sell their style so well when they seem to be one of a hundred bands that are playing old school thrash metal right now.

It helps that the performances are pretty damn impressive too considering how young these guys are. The depth of the music is enough that every time I listen to it I hear a new little lead in the layers or another very subtle drum fill. Fast, technical, and over the top all describe every performance on this album. Tons of group chants, loads of solos, and monster rhythms all make “Feed the Beast” something worth listening too.

Match the awesome performances and beastly song writing with a very good thrash metal production and it just seems like things couldn’t go wrong at all. And even though I love this debut album there is some things one should know going into this album. The vocalist, Jose "Aladdin" Barrales, does have a very punky sound to his vocals (more along the lines of Crossover giants Municipal Waste) and that seems to turn off a lot of listeners. I find it fun and catchy but it’s just a forewarning. Also almost all the songs from their EP are also on this album, and I really wanted to hear some more new stuff from Bonded by Blood, but the new recordings are also very awesome.

This is a great debut album from these young thrashers and any fan of Bay Area thrash is going to love this fun and energetic release. Although I could have done with a few less songs that were repeated from their first EP but this is just one great release that makes the Thrash Revival Movement worth following.

Songs to check out: “Immortal Life”, “Civil Servant”, “Vengeance”.

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