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Immediate Thrash Satisfaction - 70%

Shirt_Guy, July 23rd, 2008

A throwback 80’s thrash band named after the most famous Exodus album? The band name could be worn well, as Bonded By Blood is one of the better examples of bands in the genre.

You probably know the drill by now for retro thrash although there are some slight variations. Here are a few things to expect -
- Galloping pedal and quick moving power chords for the mid-paced./quick songs, with more Slayer like tremolo picking for the pre-death metal style fast songs.
- Shred-em-up guitar solos accented with sharp whammy dives.
- Yelled vocals and gang chants to go right along with Suicidal Tendencies.

Bonded By Blood add mostly a slight technical flare with a few guitar runs between those quick simple riffs, coupled with slick production and a tight attack which is tweaked just right to prevent them from sounding like inhuman robots. These same production levels allow the band to come out and pour off that good-time vibe that goes when a young bunch that drink a lot on tour and talk about horror movie shlock in their spare time. That Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme song goes right along with that same vibe, and takes you right back to ‘87.

As far as executing retro 80’s goes, “Feed the Beast” is perfect, and for the summer of ‘08, it provides immediate satisfaction. The future however might not be so kind…

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