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Recoil in Horror - 85%

dismember_marcin, February 21st, 2014

Ah, Bombs of Hades is such a cool band. I love both their full length albums... recently I was finally able to get the second one "The Serpent's Redemption" on vinyl, but in my collection I also have some of their split EPs, which they have released. Not all of them were totally awesome, some songs were kind of mediocre in my opinion, like the stuff which is on the splits with Usurpress and Mordbrand, but from the other hand I just love "Into the Eternal Pits of Fire" and split with Tormented. And now I have a pleasure to listen to the newest 7" single from Bombs of Hades titled "Recoil in HOrror" and damn, I think that it is one of their best releases so far! I managed to get a copy directly from Jonas Stalhammar and I am really happy about it, because De:Nihil Records released it only in 275 (unnumbered) copies. So, not many, be quick then if you want one!

There are two songs on this single. On side A we have the title song, which is just typical for Bombs of Hades song; very old school, classic crusty death metal. There are just great riffs (the one in the end reminds me one motif from Dismember I think hehe), killer atmosphere, awesome vocals of Jonas... Just excellent track, really. And on side B we have a Black Sabbath cover, of their "Over and Over" song. Great choice, if you ask me, because it is lesser known song, not one of those obvious classics, which normally are covered. But I just love the way Bombs of Hades did this cover, with that dark, doomy mood... It is just fuckin excellent and one of the best covers, which I have heard recently. Definitely it is the main reason why you should get this single! Fuckin killer!!!!!!!
Final rate: 85/100