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Into the old school death metal tomb - 95%

dismember_marcin, January 5th, 2012

Crawling into the airless, filthy and musty crypts of Swedish Bombs of Hades becomes more and more my personal perversion. Let’s put it simply, the week without listening to some of their songs is wasted he, he he. I’ve already described my enthusiasm for the band’s debut album “Chambers of Annihilation”, as well as the crushing 10”split MLP with Tormented, but the 2011 has brought upon us also another two rotten pieces, both in form of 7” EPs. The one that especially caught my attention was EP released by Detest Records, titled “Into the Eternal Pit of Fire”. As soon as I saw it on the label’s website I knew I need to get it in my hands and luckily Polish Hellthrasher was kind enough to get few copies and sell one to me.

And man, what a killer EP that is. It’s just exactly as I wished it to be and what’s more, it totally reminds me the old singles from the early 90’s, speaking of the layout and the music, but also the whole atmosphere surrounding it. The opening track, which is “Prologue (The Ecstasy of Blood)” brings such a thrilling horror atmosphere, that you really feel like watching some of the old zombie movies. It’s not hard to imagine the dead hordes walking out of their graves, slowly towards you in their hunger for human meat. And that Autopsy influenced riff is excellent. The title track only underlines that atmosphere and I must say this is one of the best songs those Swedes have recorded so far. It’s got fantastic riffs, great vocal parts and a memorable chorus, so there’s absolutely nothing I would not like about this track. It’s just killer. Meanwhile side B starts with a big surprise – it offers a cover of Carnage and their old demo song “The Day Man Lost”. It’s not the best song from that legendary band and to be honest, I’ve always preferred their album material than the demos, but these are some massacring 2 minutes. This very short cover hides also another surprise, which is a guest appearance of old death metal dude, Per Boder on vocals. Some of you may remember him from the God Macabre, one of the best Swedish bands of the early 90’s. It’s really cool to hear that he still remembers how to growl and to have him in one song together with Jonas Stalhammar (they both have been God Macabre members on “The Winterlong” album). Anyway, it makes me think that I just must check Boder’s new band, Mordbrant. I’m sure it’s going to be a killer also. Finally the EP is closed by the song titled “Confessor”, which is again very typical Bombs of Hades track, full of rotten old school death metal riffs, mixed with the crust rhythms and horror atmosphere.

And that’s all about it. Only 11 minutes of music and I know that the short running time is the reason why some of you hate singles… Because they finish too quickly, but I just love them. There’s always an exclusive stuff on them and besides I just like the whole feeling of playing EPs. It’s like a quick dose of adrenaline. I used to collect the old EPs from the 90’s, I had many US or Swedish bands’ singles and I can truly say that “Into the Eternal Pit of Fire” reminds me those times and EPs totally. Maybe the front artwork is not the best one and there are no lyrics anywhere to find, but the music is just splendid and I can admit this is one of my personal favourites, speaking of that 7” format. Buy it or die!