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At first light... - 97%

Titus_Endor, May 27th, 2006

This is my first Bolt Thrower album, I just happened to pick it up thinking it looked interesting, and how happy I am that I did.

The first track I listened to was When Cannons Fade, the name just appealed to me and I wasn't expecting anything amazing from this album, so I just gave it a listen. Within the first 5 seconds, I was hooked, the simple yet so intense guitar moves introducing the track kind of sum up the album for me: This is pretty simple instrument playing in comparision to most of the Thrash bands I listen to, but it's perfectly done and sounds amazing. I'm sure other drummers will agree that the drumming on Those Once Loyal is very simple to play, but its combinations that I would not have expected to sound so refined and perfectly support the music.

All the tracks are great, there is not a single weak track on this album, it's all slower paced Death Metal, something which I can appreciate a lot more than most Death Metal which many times sacrifices skill and creativity for speed and just shit-sounding heavy blasting (stuff like Deicide).

Another great thing about this album are the solos, the solos kick in at exactly the right moment and are really audible over the the background music.

Favourite tracks: The Killchain, When Cannons Fade, A Symbol of Eight, Anti-Tank, At First Light.