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A Symbol Of Greatness. - 90%

Perplexed_Sjel, February 14th, 2007

Ever present, long lasting and regenerated. British Death Metallers Bolt Thrower are back with vengeance with their eighth full-length to date, "Those Once Loyal". I've liked Bolt Thrower for many years now, ever since i heard "...For Victory" which completely blew me away so naturally i was highly anticipating this album, especially because Bolt Thrower hadn't released an album for several years. This band makes me proud to be British.

Ever since 1986 Bolt Thrower have been flying the Death Metal flag and producing music to blow the socks off listeners world wide. Given the fact that they have been around for over a decade now, it's even more astonishing when you hear this new and fresh album and quite clearly they have produced probably their best album to date in "Those Once Loyal". Each and every song is powerful. Bolt Thrower possess a certain heaviness and creativity that will continue to boost their ever-growing fan base and give old fans a delightful treat. It comes as no surprise that Bolt Thrower have a powerful edge behind the music, with the bass and drums trudging on like a war machine to the sound of a victorious warrior in renewed Karl Willets who rejoined the band in 2004 after a six year absence. The lyrically themes are fitting to say the least. Willets vocals are intimidating and enforced by the driving force of the music. Innovation and creativity are high on the list with this release. Solid riffs churn out one after the other in a dominating and powerful manner in a fashion unlike any Bolt Thrower album has produced before. Each song consistently good and of a high standard, which we've never seen before from Bolt Thrower. In the past there have always been one or two tracks which have disappointed, but i cannot find any here. For once the music completely sets the scene and keeps it going. Clear production allows the instruments to do their job to the full extent ... Bone crunching riffs, heavy rhythm sections and pounding drums, all of which contain brilliant precision and overwhelming ease that Bolt Thrower ooze.

Highlights: At First Light, Granite Wall and When Cannons Fade.