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Those Forever Loyal - 95%

Erkitu, December 7th, 2005

The powerful warmachine is back to smash us again! They don’t do anything different from the past, it’s… a Bolt Thrower album! But this is the best from the times of “ The IV Crusade”… Violent, devastating songs with a fresh songwriting near to the masterpieces “Realm of Chaos” and “Warmaster”, but with a greater killing production: the sound is perfect and heavier than ever, you can pump up the volume ‘till your ears will be blasted away and your head explode! The rhythmic section is set in granite mid-tempos with surgical perfection, and the riffing is intense, but essential, without complicated articulations: they’re far from the excessive compositions of many other “great” bands… this let the guitars first suddenly whip the listener, then catch him in wrapping spirals, coming in a result that won't disappoint the die-hard fans; the cavernous growls of Karl Willets (the one and only singer of this band) complete the sound, making it much more hammering and brutal.

The opening duo is lethal: “At first light” is probably the best Bolt Thrower opening track, epic and furious at the same time, then no time to breathe, the siren screams, jump all down in the trenches to survive at “Entrenched” ‘s furious assault! Then the old introduction of Cenotaph brings you in a trio of hard, monolithic songs who reach a great moment in the stately stride of the title track, putting you directly in the time when war was fought by men, and after another crushing trio (amazing is “Anti-Tank”), in the last track you can feel the highest point of epic (in its real meaning, not as power/fantasy bands): they let you find poetic the moment “When Cannons Fade”…
Finally the bonus track on the digi and LP is an annihilating musically incarnation of the Chaos eye!

A work that maybe could bring new fans to Bolt Thrower, because of improved sound, and, much important thing, will make happy the old fans: Continuity is the word... Don’t fear, they don’t betray “seeking to open their musical horizons”…
They'll be forever loyal!