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Really Forceful Release - 85%

Benign_Hypocrite, October 19th, 2006

Their career proves everything . More than 15 years in the death metal genre and this band still has the talent and endearment to make powerful and heavy music. After four years of absence, they return with a new album which is really remarkable and interesting.

Every song here has its exceptional strength and heaviness. It’s really characteristic that the riffs in every song are distinctive enough and you can’t be bored with this album even if you listen to it too many times. The bass sounds are absolutely perfect, Jo Bench surely knows how to do her job, the heavy bass tunes give a totally powerful warlike atmosphere .The grunt and sharp solos are filling every song with extra energy and vitality. The harsh, deep vocals match totally with the music and the result is one of the best metal releases in 2005. The most of the tracks here have this mid-tempo rhythm and the musical structure is simple but really interesting. The band still preserves their traditional death metal sound but they’re not tiresome at all, the tunes, the riffs and overall every song here is full of freshness and a pure essence of talent.

So if you like straightforward and sturdy metal, you must be sure that this album is for you. It’s another solid release from Bolt Thrower, there are no experimental things here but this is not a disadvantage. Bolt Thrower use the same formula years now and they don't disappoint me at all. The album lasts 40 minutes and is utterly enough for the fans of this rough music. I hope that these guys will continue to keep company with us in the future with great album as “Those Once Loyal”.