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Where Next To Conquer? - 95%

Perplexed_Sjel, September 12th, 2007

Bolt Thrower have always had an amazing ability to place the listener in the position of what they sing about. In this instance it's simple. War is the answer and Bolt Thrower are the driving force. With every pound of that soul crushing drum Bolt Thrower's march for death metal domination strives on. Boundless and without comparison, Bolt Thrower have lead the line not only for British death metal over recent years, but for global death metal. Acquiring fans from here, there and everywhere they drive on through the rain to take the tag of one of the world's leading creators of death metal music. I've always held Bolt Thrower in high esteem after I discovered them through their fifth album, '...For Victory' and it's for victory Bolt Thrower create this very music.

Often seen as pioneers of the genre, Bolt Thrower released 'The IVth Crusade' in 1992. Slowly becoming one of the most respected acts on the scene is no more than Bolt Thrower deserve. Despite numerous line-up changes and uncertain periods in the career of the band itself, they strive on like a raging war machine to the sound of their very own drums. Pounding furiously like the heart of a soldier in the midst of battle. With every step towards the oncoming enemy, the drum sounds louder and louder. Becoming more fast and furious with time until the sides clash in battle.

Bolt Thrower are known somewhat as experts of their genre, death metal. Simply because they have the undoubted talent to create some of the heaviest and ferocious music with uncompromising double bass drum beats, low growls and unbeatable solo's. It's the very latter element that makes this band so damned special. The ability to create catchy solo after catchy solo is a must-have in the industry today if you want to make fans and maintain the one's you have. The use of two guitarists acts in the favour of Bolt Thrower. A mesmerising melodic masterpiece. An epic of all proportions.

The IVth Crusade is the cornerstone of the transformation of Bolt Thrower into a major force. It marked a period when the band become simply untouchable by any other. Their supreme and majestic style of play earned them a place in death metal's hall of fame. Fast, fierce and vehement. Riffs that ebb, flow and groove through the veins of the listener is imperative as it gains control of your attention and saps all your energy, forcing you to bear witness to one of the greatest death metal creations in the history of the genre.

The notable highlights are 'The IVth Crusade', 'Where Next To Conquer' and the epic 'Spearhead'. Although the production has a slightly dated feel to it, this album is certainly not to be overshadowed by anything else the genre has come up with.