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Improved, enormously heavy and still crusty - 95%

morbert, June 7th, 2007

The two biggest improvements compared to their earlier ‘In Battle There Is No Law’ album were the production and the dynamics. The sound was still very ‘foggy’ yet twice as heavy this time and the guitars were so fuzzy and deep at first you’d think they’d have three bassplayers! The overall sound, though extreme, was far more transparent than before. Karl Willets vocals had improved at lot in terms of heaviness and drummer Andy Whale, though still sloppy at times, brought more dynamics to the songs and more diversity.

The album still had some hardcorepunk attitude hovering over it in terms of aggressiveness, speed and looseness. At times the albums had some grindcorish blastspeed elements. Which wasn’t so uncommon in the early English DM-scene. Remember, these were still the days of Prophecy of Doom and Deviated Instinct where hardcore and early DM stylewise borrowed intensely from eachother.

Apart from the improved drumming, the riffs were also slightly improving towards the later defined semi-melodic Bolt Thrower style. This also included the addition of some doom elements to their compositions. ‘World Eater’ is a pretty good example of a song that shows their future crystalised sound. Other highlights include ‘Through The Eye Of Terror’, ‘All That Remains’, ‘Lost Souls Domain’ and ‘Drowned In Torment’. Also worth mentioning is the very short opening track ‘Eternal War’. Quite some unequalled heaviness here from these Brits.

Whereas ‘In Batlle…’ was their filthiest album, ‘Realm Of Chaos’ is without doubt their most brutal one.