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This is heavy, really, I'm not joking - 90%

TheBloodOmen, February 5th, 2007

This 1989 album is probably my favorite released by this British death metal act. It's just one notch above "War Master" in my book, simply due to the brutal sound they achieved on this one. As far as the quality of music written and the vocals delivered, I would give this album a 100, but I took off ten points for the sloppy way in which it was played. However, taking that into account, it's also to be understood that with "tight" execution this record may not have been nearly as heavy. This is one of the heaviest (if not THE heaviest) records I've ever heard, and I believe I've heard some whoppers. Now I'll show you why...

01) Intro: Very short, sounds like some keyboard work. They even manage to get thundering basswork out of the keys. There's something being said in a low growl, and then we move on.

02) Eternal War: Another short track, but this one contains all the instrumentation that makes Bolt Thower...well, Bolt Thrower. The double bass is very good throughout, and the riffs are very fast and solid. The vocals could have been better, and I'm not a big fan of short tracks myself. They do throw down a good solo around the 1:35 mark, though.

03) Through The Eye Of Terror: Maybe the best song on the whole album. You get a 20 second guitar intro and then a mid-tempo skullcrusher. There's definitly some thrashy stuff from the guitarist in this one, and another great performance by the drummer. The vocals are much improved from the last track, and toward the end of the song they actually give Jo Bench a standout moment on the bass.

04) Dark Millennium: This is another song that is made through brutal drumming and some thrashy riffs. The vocals are still solid as well. You get a simple ten second solo around the 2:20 mark, and then a blast -fest to the end.

05) All That Remains: Nice doomy? Intro. Sounds like something that woud fit perfectly on an Evoken album for the first minute of the track. Then, thrash meets evil once more to create that sound we call "death metal". The drums are less noticeable here, it's more about the bass and guitar, which is cool. Around the the 3:40 mark there's a solo in backing some brutal vocals. Not very often at all is a guitar solo a background layer in the music, but it works out quite nicely.

06) Lost Souls Domain: This is your basic old school death metal track. Thrashy riffs, lightning fast drumming, brutal growls all combine for a sonic boom of epic porportions. If you have subwoofers in your car I'd ve very careful on this track.

07) Plague Bearer: This opens with about a five second solo, then a solid, crunchy rhythm section complimented nicely with pitch-harmonics and great vocals. The pace changes around the 1:20 mark, the double bass is prevelant once more. This lacks a great lead, but I think the rhythm section makes up for it.

08) World Eater: This is right up there with "Through The Eye Of Terror" for best song on the album. The opening vocal is quite sinister, and after that...the best riffing in a death metal track, ever. Once the track speeds up, there's a fair amount of solo work on the guitar. Moreso, I'd say, than other tracks on the album. The drums are great once again, and the production on this song just sounds better than anything else on the record.

09) Drowned In Torment: We're making a theme of this! Very heavy very fast song, great riffing, great double bass, good vocals. There's a shrieking solo at around the 2:00 mark that I could live without, but again the rhythm section makes up for a not-so-impressive short solo.

10) Realm Of Chaos: The title track is very mid-paced, which gives the pitch harmonics and the drums a chance to stand out. And, they don't disappoint. The vocalist again delivers a convincing growl throughout, and the speedy parts are less thrashy than previous songs. This song actually has a very excellent solo at the 2:00 mark, and in addition I believe, begins to define Bolt Thrower's individual sound for times to come.

11) Prophet Of Hatred: Nothing special here really, just solid instrumentation, songwriting and vocal work. The production is average. This is a forgettable track, but it's by no means a terrible song or one that you're likely to skip.

12) Outro: Same as the intro, just without vocals this time.