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A death metal staple - 90%

Superreallycool, October 8th, 2014
Written based on this version: 1989, 12" vinyl, Earache Records

This isn't a normal, run of the mill death metal album. I've discovered that while it is a death metal album, there are a lot of grindcore tendencies found here, and depending on who you are, this is ether a positive or a negative. I personally found myself quite enjoying these grindcore like moments, but I know many who don't, so take a listen and determine which camp you're a part of. It takes the usual death metal sound, and spiced is up with a solid chunk of grindcore, and the result is better than I would have expected. The album also has a "wall of sound" which can be attributed to both the album's above average production as much as to the actual instrumentation.

Bolt Thrower isn't exactly a technical band, but the performances here are great. I am a huge fan of Andy Whale's drumming as it, while not super technical, always has character to it. However, people seem divided on him, so I'd just make my own opinion on him and more or less not take other people opinions on him as that important. Karl Willetts' vocals are awesome as well, among his best. The rest of the band preforms well, although there isn't much to really talk about there, still the band has a solid line up technically and artistically.

As I talked about earlier, the cover art here shows a platoon of Crimson Fist Space Marines forming a hill of bodies fighting off unknown adversaries. Just like the cover art, the lyrics on this album revolve around the mini-figure game Warhammer 40K, the counterpart to Warhammer Fantasy. If you play the game, you'll love the lyrics here, as they are super nerdy (I don't think I ever thought I would describe a death metal album as nerdy, there's a time for everything I guess) If you don't play the game, most of the lyrics seem just about war in general and work fine. But if you're a player, you'll love all the little references, such as in"Through the Eye of Terror" where it refers to the Chaos Gods. This is probably my favorite thing about this album, and that's even when compared to the great music.

I never found myself to be a huge fan of Bolt Thrower, but this is an album any death metal fan can love and appreciate. From the great music to the awesome cover art, this is a quality album. I recommend it highly to those who've been into death metal for a while, and it really isn't a terrible way to enter the death metal world, as the lyrics aren't gross out and and the songs aren't THAT brutal.